I Want You Now

I want  you now. See, I think the world needs saving, or rather birthing – pushing forward into the next level – and I want you to help me make it happen with everything you’ve got. Cause this is it, you know? This next 50 years is going to be make it or break it time for everybody.I don’t have a particular plan for you. You alone know what powers and gifts and insights you can bring to the effort. I just want you to take a good look around at the time you got lucky enough to live in and to think about how awesome and how tenuous it all is, and to do what you think is the best and the most righteous thing to do under the circumstances.

Oh, but Teafaerie, I hear some of you say – I would love to move and shake and all, but I’m just not the kind of bright and shiny one that can really make a difference in this world right now. I seem strong and able to you, but in fact I’m not. I’m not good enough. I’m selfish, lazy, apathetic and cowardly. I’m barely holding myself together. How can I save the world? If only you knew the truth about me; that my mind is all over the place, I have secret vices, I hate myself sometimes. I hate a lot of stuff. I need to figure my life out first. I need to stop drinking or smoking, I need to get a better job and lose 20 pounds. I need to find a good partner and straighten my head out a little. THEN I’ll be good enough for the revolution.

Well, fuck that!

I want you now. No one is so corrupt that they cannot shine a light on the world. You can never lose touch with the source. You’re good enough to be a hero, just as you are. Somebody has to be. Everybody has to be. No apologies, no excuses.

The time is here. Let’s do it.


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About The Teafaerie

The Teafaerie writes stories, poems, movies, plays and essays, makes videos, organizes flash mobs, and is one of the founders of Prometheatrics, a big beautiful Esplanade camp at Burning Man. At various times she has been a writer, nanny, actress, flow arts teacher, childbirth doula, homeless person, aid worker, live-action storyteller, toy inventor, app designer, street performer, and party promoter. She loves her beautiful life and her amazing friends!

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