Hacking the Game

This is the speech that I did for Palenque Norte at Burning Man 2013. It’s what I’ve really wanted to talk about for a long time. The purpose of metaphors, the Simulation Hypothesis, Virtuality, Avatarism, Life as a MMG, Being a Superhero, Manifestation, and how the Psychedelic Ultraculture can (maybe) help Save the World. 



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About The Teafaerie

The Teafaerie writes stories, poems, movies, plays and essays, makes videos, organizes flash mobs, and is one of the founders of Prometheatrics, a big beautiful Esplanade camp at Burning Man. At various times she has been a writer, nanny, actress, flow arts teacher, childbirth doula, homeless person, aid worker, live-action storyteller, toy inventor, app designer, street performer, and party promoter. She loves her beautiful life and her amazing friends!

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