A Toast


A Toast! (throws toast)

To those who have gone before!
To the explorers of the last Great Sea; true heroes all, sink or swim.
To the self-elect:
Shamans, adventurers, visionaries, and madmen alike.
To the courageous and to the curious.
To the persecuted and to the lost.
To all of the exiles who have dared to climb the garden wall.
To the holy fools, the seekers, the ambassadors, and the pioneers.
To those who have had the temerity to storm Heaven and Hell,
and who have returned with the Secret Fire to light our way.
To those who can never remember,
And to those who can never forget.
To all of the intrepid and extraordinary spirits
Who have played at the edge,
We, who prepare to confront the Mystery, salute you.

– The Teafaerie

From my first post on Erowid:




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